Become a headmaster in management sim Let’s School when it launches on July 27

Gare – Wednesday, June 21, 2023 6:29 PM
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Let’s School, a school management sim from developer Pathea Games, will be launching on July 27, came a recent announcement from the team. In it, players will take on the role of an ambitious principal who returns to his former alma mater with the intention of turning the decayed building into a truly thriving educational institution. Your work begins from the earliest of stages, with the game allowing you to design the school of your dreams, determining the look and overall feel of the building, as well as the tone of its educational style (eastern vs. western) and much more – you can also freely customize your teachers and students while making sure to cater to their physical and emotional needs, which, as you might imagine, isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks. That said, if you’d like to give it a shot, there’s a free playable demo available on Steam right now, which allows you to experience two weeks’ worth of activities at the school.

Here’s a trailer:

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