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Hysteria – Monday, November 2, 2020 3:22 PM
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GTOGG is very proud to announce that GamePsy, its self-developed service aimed primarily at indie game developers, has finally reached a crucial milestone. To elaborate: we have finished working on GamePsy’s playable tech demo, a simple, third-person multiplayer spaceship shooter taking place in our very own solar system. The primary purpose of the demo is to provide a demonstration of the GamePsy framework’s capabilities.

Don’t forget to bring some friends along for the full-fledged multiplayer shooter experience! The demo can be accessed via the GTOGG Launcher following a very quick registration process: download here.

And remember: the real fun starts at 1000 km/h!

Alpha gameplay screenshots

Some background information and technical details for developers:

GamePsy is a multiplayer framework that allows for both server-client and peer-to-peer game modes to be implemented. It also provides all basic matchmaking and data synchronization functionalities.

For the sake of speed and security, it was written in native C; it also comes with protocol-level encryption and has a .NET extension (the documentation of which is available at to be as widely accessible as possible. Naturally, the protocol itself is also self-developed: it has a smaller overhead compared to the protocols used by Steam or Unreal, and offers protection against network-based cheats as well.

If you kindly decide to give our service a try, we will also provide the required infrastructure for it; specifically, this means the server itself, but we can implement all the necessary higher-level communication models as well (such as the models needed for synchronization, and the prediction system).

The client at the moment only has a Windows-based build, but we do plan to eventually branch out and make it compatible with additional platforms as well.

Furthermore, we are happily available to provide virtual demonstrations – if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us via our Discord server!

About GamePsy:

GamePsy is a developer platform for building multiplayer games. It covers all multiplayer functionalities, from host finding and matchmaking to lobby management, chat and several additional in-game functions.

  • Multiplayer functions out of the box include:

  • User authentication

  • Matchmaking

  • Game hosting

  • Host browsing

  • Lobby management

  • In-game data-flow & communication

About GTOGG:

GTOGG is an entertainment website with a goal to shed light on the artistic merits of video games. Our mission is not only to popularize indie (that is, independently developed and published) and non-mainstream video games, but also to create an intellectual gaming community. We have long since had an interest in the independent video gaming scene, and the creation of GamePsy is just one of the ways in which we hope to support and engage with the community. We have also kept in touch with several indie developers, and reported on – as well as reviewed – numerous titles over the years.

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