Armello developer announces hellish strategy game Solium Infernum

Gare – Tuesday, September 27, 2022 9:20 PM
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Developer League of Geeks, known primarily as the creators of Armello, have announced Solium Infernum, a reimagined version of 2009’s cult classic game of the same name. A turn-based strategy game with dark, demonic themes, this version of Solium Infernum will feature new, 3D visuals, brand-new single player scenarios and a deep multiplayer mode focusing on cleverly outwitting – and constantly out-scheming – your opponents as you each fight to claim the Infernal Throne for yourselves. There’s a twist, though: each player takes turns simultaneously, meaning you’ll only be able to see what your enemies are planning once you’ve already made your own choices. Here’s a trailer that most certainly sets the mood for the project:

Solium Infernum will be launching for PC in 2023.

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