Armello combines the adventure of role-playing games with the strategy of card and board games

Gare – Saturday, April 12, 2014 10:05 PM
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A charming blend of tabletop high adventure and computer gaming is soon to be born in the form of Armello, an upcoming PC/iPad title now on Kickstarter. The team of League of Geeks, being long-time fans of tabletop gaming themselves, dreamed up a grim but colorful world of feral heroes where fate is decided both by wit and the roll of dice.

According to the story presented by the devs, the residents of Armello live in a kingdom ravaged by the dark sickness known as The Rot. Matters escalated to the point where even the king of the realm himself succumbed to its influence, his mind – much like Théoden’s in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – clouded by madness. This is where the players, controlling an animal hero of their choice, come into play, setting out on an adventure to claim the throne for themselves. The journey is long and arduous, and you, as the ambitious hero, have the option to use any and all tools – be it honest or corrupt – at your disposal to attain your goal and sit the throne. Armello’s gameplay offers a traditional tabletop flavor for fans of the genre, with players drawing cards and spending action points each turn to go on expeditions, solve quests and recruit loyal followers to their cause as they do dice-based battles.

Currently the lowest tier of 15 dollars already guarantees a copy of the game to backers – those, however, that up their pledge to the 45 dollar tier will be rewarded with four backer-exclusive heroes to choose from aside from the ones already planned. Armello is currently scheduled to release next March.

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