Ancient Greece-inspired soulslike Asterigos: Curse of the Stars launches this fall

Gare – Monday, April 25, 2022 2:54 PM
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Developer Acme Gamestudio and publisher tinyBuild will be launching Asterigos: Curse of the Stars this fall on both PC and consoles, the two teams jointly announced. Visually inspired by the gorgeous vistas and architecture of ancient Greece and Rome, Asterigos will place you in the role of a young warrior named Hilda who ventures into the cursed city of Aphes in order to find her father. Following in the footsteps of various soulslike titles, the project will offer oodles of exploration, meaningful choices and consequences during the story, tons of side quests to tackle and – of course – several bossfights to overcome; combat also promises to be sufficiently quick and dynamic, with numerous easily swappable weapon types (twin blades, spears, hammers, swords, shields and so on) to pick from that allow players to experiment with a variety of play styles and strategies. Watch the trailer below to get a brief taste of the action:


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