Amnesia: The Dark Descent gets a Hard Mode

Gare – Monday, September 24, 2018 4:22 PM
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Were you terrified when you first played Amnesia back in 2010? Would you like to be even more terrified? If the answer is yes, we have good news: coinciding with the September 28 release of Amnesia: Collection for Xbox One, developer Frictional Games has decided to add a little bonus to The Dark Descent for those willing to try something different: a Hard Mode. According to Frictional, Hard Mode comes with a number of tweaks: right off the bat, it disables autosaves and makes manual saving cost 4 tinderboxes. There will also be less oil and fewer tinderboxes on each level, and your sanity dropping to zero will now kill you. Monsters are deadlier, stay around for longer, and can spot your more easily. And finally, the usual “danger music” that plays when monsters are near will be disabled.

As noted above, this new mode will be available on both Xbox One (via Amnesia: Collection) and PCcome September 28.

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