All The Way Down – 20 minutes of Lovecraftian horror

Gare – Monday, January 19, 2015 9:46 PM
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All The Way Down, as its screenshots no doubt showcase, is a point and click adventure – and a pretty decent one at that. Heavily inspired by the works of renowned horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, it places you in the role of a man who gets lost in a snow storm and eventually winds up wandering into the mysterious old village of Millvale. Now, if you’re familiar with Lovecraft’s works, you can probably already tell how the story will unfold – nonetheless, the quick, 20-30-minute-long journey is still very much worth experiencing for fans and newcomers alike. The game sports beautiful pixel art, offers a few short puzzles and radiates the kind of foreboding atmosphere you’d expect from a competently put together horror adventure – the only thing I could really find fault with is its somewhat rushed ending. Oh, and here’s one more thing: the game is free, and can be downloaded right here, so if you need a quick dose of Lovecraftian terror for a slow evening, this should do the job.

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