Alien: Isolation recreates the horror of the 1979 original film

Gare – Friday, January 10, 2014 1:44 AM
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Sega has just recently announced the latest entry in the Alien franchise, titled Alien: Isolation – however, the team at Creative Assembly (Total War series) aims to create not an action-packed FPS thrill-ride, but rather a terrifying survival horror experience inspired by the atmosphere of the original Alien movie released back in 1979 – according to the team, Isolation will be the Alien game fans have been waiting long years for.

Alien: IsolationPlatform: PC, PS3, PS4, XBox360, XBox OneGenre: Survival Horror, StealthDeveloper: The Creative AssemblyPublisher: SegaRelease: 10/07/2014Rated: 18+PEGIAlien: Isolation will take the franchise back to where it all began: utilizing everything that made the original 1979 film a success, the game will throw players into isolated, claustrophobic situations aboard a remote space station as they attempt to survive in a hostile environment. Previous games set in the Alien franchise centered around heavily armed space marines, a „tradition” that Isolation will attempt to break free from. We have also learned that the story’s main protagonist will be a young woman called Amanda Ripley – daughter to Ellen Ripley, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in the films –, who, after 15 whole years, sets out on a journey to find her lost mother in deep space.

The team of Creative Assembly aims not only to bring back to series to its origins through it terror-centric atmosphere and disturbing locales – it pays homage to Ridley Scott’s original masterpiece in terms of visuals as well. One look at the initial screenshots and videos is enough to see the distinct „retro modern” style prevalent on the space station – from the smallest panels to the kitchen areas and circular tables, every part of the station is a testament to what the late seventies thought the far future would look like. According to the developers, only a single xenomorph will appear during the game – this lone monster will serve as the primary arch-enemy for Ripley during the roughly 10-hour-long storyline. The alien, Creative Assembly explained, will work with its own special AI that allows it to actively pursue the protagonist, using its sense of sight, hearing and smell as well.

Alien: Isolation is scheduled for a Q4 2014 release window, arriving on PC, PS3/4 and Xbox 360/One platforms.

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