Alien: Isolation gets digital series expanding the game’s story

Gare – Thursday, February 28, 2019 1:15 PM
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Alien: Isolation, the 2014 survival horror game starring Amanda Ripley is getting a so-called „digital series” to flesh out its story a bit, IGN revealed. The show, consisting of a total of seven episodes, will take cutscenes from the video game and add “new story beats” to expand upon the existing narrative. It will be debuting exclusively on IGN on February 28 at 9AM PT, with all seven episodes being made available at once.

The digital series isn’t the only piece of new supplementary material that aims to further flesh out the world of Alien, though: there’s also Alien: Blackout, a mobile-exclusive entry based on the original game, as well as Aliens: Resistance, a comic book miniseries starring Amanda Ripley that already has its first two issues out, with two more on the way.

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