Alice: Otherlands – the madness returns in animated short films

Gare – Tuesday, November 26, 2013 5:16 PM
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American McGee is hard at work on his latest project, titled Alice: Otherlands, a 3D animated film series that is going to serve as a sequel to Alice: Madness Returns and will tell an all-new chapter in the bizarre Alice saga.

Otherlands was originally conceived as a full-blown video game sequel to Madness Returns, but was later decided to be developed as a series of animated films funded via Kickstarter due to a number of budgeting and licensing problems that arose during dealings with Electronic Arts. The movies are supposed to complete the Alice trilogy started with the 2000 PC game American McGee’s Alice and its continuation, the 2011 sequel Madness Returns. In a premise very much reminiscent of Double Fine’s Psychonauts, protagonist Alice Liddel will enter the minds of a variety of 19th century personages – writes, inventors, composers – in order to face off against the dark powers residing within: a number of famous names have already been put up for consideration, including Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas Edison, Bram Stoker and several others.

Each mind will represent a different flavor of the nightmare; as such, the project itself will be presented in an episodic format, utilizing a number of film shorts. According to some of the later updates of the project, the first of these episodes will focus on the works of composer Richard Wagner and his most renowned work, The Ring of the Nibelung. McGee had also expressed a desire to explore the fantastic underwater landscapes envisioned by Jules Verne: in fact, the first script for the Verne-inspired Alice episode had already been made public on the project’s Kickstarter page.

McGee also stated that – after the project met its $250.000 stretch goal – voice talents Susie Brann and Roger L. Jackson had alsobeen signed for the project – Brann had previously voiced Alice in both of McGee’s games, while Jackson took on the roles of a variety of characters in the series, including that of the Chesire Cat.

If all goes according to plan, Alice: Otherlands will see the light of day sometime near the end of 2014, possibly in December.


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