Agony successfully funded, Kickstarter campaign still underway

Gare – Wednesday, November 16, 2016 10:28 PM
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You may remember Agony from earlier this year as the game that painted a terrifying – but also gorgeous – picture of what the depths of hell would look like. Back then, all we got was a quick teaser, but now, with the game up on Kickstarter, there have been several gameplay videos to ogle at, all showcasing the hellish nightmare of this first person survival horror experience. In Agony, you play as a tortured soul banished to hell, with your only hope for escape being the so-called Red Goddess – you’ll be able to possess and take control of various other souls and minor demons in order to progress further. One of developer Madmind Studio’s primary aim with the title is to offer something new that would rejuvenate the stagnating survival horror genre – and let’s be honest, it seems like they’re on the right path.

Agony’s initial Kickstarter goal has already been reached, but the campaign is still far from over, and – as it usually is the case – there are several stretch goals to unlock, some of which will add new playable characters, more endings, and VR support. The game is scheduled to launch sometime next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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