Adventure game/beat’em up hybrid Brok the InvestiGator gets a new trailer

Gare – Monday, December 6, 2021 5:42 PM
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Indie developer COWCAT have released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming „punch & click” adventure game, Brok the InvestiGator. Taking place in a “light cyberpunk” world where some animals live under a protective dome while others are forced to fend for themselves in the heavily air polluted outer zones, the game stars Brok, a private detective and former boxer who solves problems with his fists and wits alike. Featuring classic point & click adventure elements and beat’em up combat, Brok the InvestiGator is set to offer a unique hybrid of action and puzzle-solving, all the while delving into the mysteries of a deeply emotional narrative. The game also has a playable prologue available on Steam and GOG for those itching for a quick taste of what’s to come when the full version is released on both PC and consoles in 2022.

In the meantime, here’s that new trailer I mentioned earlier:


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