Adventure game Gibbous injects plenty of comedy into Lovecraft’s horror-world

Gare – Monday, April 18, 2016 11:43 PM
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I could potentially start this article off by saying there have been plenty of Lovecraft-inspired video games, but I won’t – instead, I’ll direct you to an article we did on that exact subject. Moving on: today’s topic is Gibbous, a similarly Lovecraftian game with a different style: instead of the stark and serious horror of most such titles, it aims to be a loving and respectful comedy spoof of the master’s work, injecting it with a bit of Transylvanian flair in the process. In the game – clearly following in the footsteps of classic 90s LucasArts point and click adventures –, you control three main protagonists as you uncover deep and dark secrets involving vicious cults, the Necronomicon and even Cthulhu himself. Oh, and one of said protagonists is a talking, demonic cat. More or less.

Gibbous’ Kickstarter campaign is currently underway and is doing reasonably well. Should everything go according to plan, the game is expected to launch on PC, Mac and Linux sometime in May of 2017. For those of you itching to give it a shot before that, there’s a downloadable demo currently available on the game’s official Kickstarter page.


Kickstarter teaser

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