A Cultural Heritage Game Jam will be held between November 5 and 21

Gare – Wednesday, October 27, 2021 3:17 PM
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Are you an indie game developer with an interest in cultural heritage? Does the idea of game jams, that is, creating a small game within a very short period of time, appeal to you? If so, you might be interested in the so-called Cultural Heritage Game Jam! Hosted by Global Game Jam (GGJ) between November 5 and 21, its aims are straightforward enough: to celebrate and highlight the importance of diverse cultural art while educating people on issues such as the effects of climate change, cultural heritage and cultural preservation.

To sign up, head over to this link, and keep in mind that while the jam itself starts on November 5, you can join at any time after that date (but before the November 21 deadline, naturally). Your main task will be to create and submit a game that explores themes of cultural heritage. You are also encouraged to visit the #chgj-looking-for-group channel on the GGJ Discord server, where you’ll find like-minded jammers to collaborate with.

After the jam ends, all participating projects will be publicly promoted on GGJ’s official Itch.io page. The jam teams will also be highlighted during December’s Dubai World Expo, with the winning team getting invited to 2022’s Game Developers Conference (21-25 March). Additionally, the top teams will be granted financial support and mentorship opportunities to help them develop their titles into full-fledged games.


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