80s-style horror adventure game Terror at Oakheart gets February 27 release date

Gare – Friday, February 16, 2024 4:31 PM
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Terror At OakheartPlatform: WindowsGenre: Action, Adventure, RPGDeveloper: Tainted PactPublisher: Assemble EntertainmentRelease: 02/27/2024Developer Tainted Pact and publisher Assemble Entertainment have revealed a February 27 launch date for their upcoming pixel art horror game, Terror at Oakheart. Set in the titular Oakheart, the game will have you face off against a terrifying serial killer called Teddy, who – under the influence of a Lovecraftian abomination – terrorizes the town’s community, racking up body after body – and so, it’s your job to discover the truth behind the killer and survive the night before it’s too late. Inspired by the slasher movie classics of the 1980s and 1990s, Terror at Oakheart will feature a wide range of playable characters, numerous locations to explore and an oldschool, retro-style pixel art aesthetic to put you in that nostalgic mood. Here's the latest trailer:

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