6 Seasons – Hexagonal challenges – Review

Hysteria – Wednesday, October 4, 2017 12:53 PM
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Briefly put, this is a puzzle game for mobiles – before we’d jump into the review, though, it must be pointed out that despite being a massive fan of puzzles, I usually avoid games made for mobile platforms. 6 Seasons, however, instantly convinced me that it does indeed deserve a place on my phone.

6 Seasons, having been developed for roughly two and a half years, comes to us from a small indie team of two people – yet despite its tiny budget, it ends up being a competently designed and easy-to-play title.

How it works

In the game, you tackle levels of various difficulty where you have to move around colored hexagons. You place three hexagons next to each other to form a triangle, creating a chain reaction with other hexagons in the vicinity. The chains created this way disappear – awarding you with bonus points – and new hexagons show up to replace the ones that vanished.

6 Seasons contains three game modes: challenge, endless, and multiplayer. The challenge mode contains 60 pre-created levels and “missions” – in essence, the first few levels serve as a form of tutorial. As you progress through the challenges, you gain more and more tools to help move hexagons around, allowing for a larger number of variations on more advanced levels. In endless mode, the goal is to collect as many points as possible, while multiplayer has you clashing with another player online.

It's free, but...

It is important to note that although a total of 20 challenge maps, as well as the endless mode, are free, additional content must be purchased. Still, the actual cost of said content is essentially pocket change, which was a pleasant surprise.

In terms of visual design, the game is quite charming, while on the audio front, we get soothing, atmospheric music and various other sound effects to calm the mind. My personal favorite is the little boat serving as the status bar – on several occasions, I ended up having to root for the little guy to reach port safely, just because I personally wasn’t on my A game or had simply run into an unlucky streak.

In the end, who would I recommend this game to?

Despite its simple rules, 6 Seasons is a smart and entertaining title. It provides great fun for those who enjoy a bit of an intellectual challenge in their games – and if you’re good enough, you can show off your mental prowess to the world on the game’s leaderboards.

All in all, this is a must-play for fans of puzzle games.

6 Seasons is available on Google Play.


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