3DS beat ’em up Code of Princess heading to Steam next week

Gare – Tuesday, April 5, 2016 11:59 AM
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Code of Princess, the very much Guardian Heroes-esque side-scrolling 3DS beat’em up from 2012 is heading to Steam this month, it’s been revealed. The announcement doesn’t quite come as a surprise (as you may remember, the game did pop up last year in the Steam Database), but it’s nice to see it confirmed, in any case. In Code of Princess, you take on the role of a scantily-clad princess (or one of three other playable characters) out to save the kingdom. The battle system is fairly reminiscent of the above-mentioned Guardian Heroes, with enemies to juggle and three lanes to switch between on the field, and while the story mode itself only allows you to alternate between four playable heroes, the game’s additional modes give you access to a huge variety of other characters to pick from. Code of Princess also features an online versus mode, as well as co-op for 2-4 players.

The PC version is supposedly going to run at a solid 60 frames per second (as opposed to the 3DS version’s fluctuating framerate) and is scheduled to be released on April 14.


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