2.5D metroidvania Candle Knight gets May 31 release date

Gare – Saturday, March 25, 2023 4:53 PM
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Candle KnightPlatform: WindowsGenre: Action, AdventureDeveloper: Dracma StudiosPublisher: Dracma StudiosRelease: 05/31/2023Developer Dracma Studios have announced a May 31 launch date for Candle Knight, a challenging action-platformer in which your own flame will be your most stalwart ally. The storyline of the game centers around an enchanted candle keeper – the titular Candle Knight – who must fight his way to the darkened depths of a massive castle in order to restore light and order to his home. Other than exploring the castle itself, players will also have the opportunity to enter various magical paintings, all of which lead to surreal, mind-bending landscapes that constantly shift around them. Interestingly enough, the game will feature a uniquely dynamic difficulty system that allows you to power up your knight – however, this comes at the cost of your enemies getting stronger as well, so you’ll have to balance risk versus reward.

Candle Knight will be coming to PC first, then to consoles at a later time.

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