2D platformer Wunderling is out now on Steam and Switch

Gare – Monday, March 9, 2020 6:41 PM
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Developer Retroid has launched Wunderling, a charming 2D platformer where one press of a button can make all the difference. Imagine a classic 2D platformer not entirely unlike Super Mario Bros. – now imagine that you’re not playing as Mario, but rather as one of the lowly grunts endlessly roaming the levels. Indeed, in Wunderling, you’re a bit of an underdog; as a helpless goon who’s just recently learned how to jump, it’s apparently your job to chase down the hero and show him what you’re made of. The game puts a unique spin on the classic platformer formula: by giving players control over a character that’s unable to stop or even change directions, well-timed jumps become more important than ever.

Wunderling is available on both PC and Nintendo Switch.


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