2D digger/puzzler Something Ate My Alien delayed from April to June 2020

Gare – Tuesday, April 14, 2020 5:22 PM
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Something Ate My Alien has been delayed from April to June of 2020, developer Rokabium Games has announced. In the game, you control a crew of aliens hijacked by an ill-meaning pirate that demands a ransom – and without other options, it’s up to you to go out, explore various planets and dig through their subterranean tunnels to collect all the necessary loot to pay him. As one might expect, said planets are fraught with danger and challenges: from hostile aliens to a constantly depleting oxygen supply, you’ll have more than enough to worry about while trying to dig through the dirt. Your journey won’t be all doom and gloom, though: the game also features puzzle chambers with hidden treasures waiting to be found, and any materials the pirate doesn’t explicitly need can be kept and used to upgrade your own gear.

Something Ate My Alien will be available on Steam and “other store fronts”. Here’s its latest trailer:



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