GTOGG is an entertainment website with a focus on indie and non-mainstream video games. We are committed to reporting on smaller-scale projects as a way to help popularize and draw attention to potentially promising indie titles that don’t necessarily fit into the mainstream “AAA” space. By doing this, we hope to highlight and promote the artistic creativity of the independent gaming scene and the countless talented teams working in it.


We cover the indie gaming scene by publishing reviews and news articles on our main site, GTOGG.com. We’ve reviewed numerous indie titles from a variety of developers over the years, striving to always share our honest opinions. (Our game review policy can be read here.) In addition to the above, we compile a monthly list of some of the most interesting upcoming releases in an ongoing series dubbed “Promising Indie Game Releases”; furthermore, we frequently participate in Steam’s so-called Steam Game Festivals, during which we try a variety of playable indie demos and publish our brief impressions of each.


We’ve dipped our toes in software and game development as well. Our self-developed multiplayer API, GamePsy, grants indie developers the necessary framework to realize their own multiplayer projects. In order to demonstrate the capabilities of GamePsy, we’re also developing GT-099: Interplanetary Conflict, a third-person multiplayer spaceship shooter that allows for multiple players to fight against each other in online matches set in outer space. The game is available to download via our “GTOGG Launcher” following a quick and easy registration process.


We’re also building a modest community over at Discord, where like-minded individuals, video game fans and indie developers can come together to chat about games, development and everything in-between. Anyone interested is more than welcome to join us at the official GTOGG Discord server.


If you’d like to reach out to us, you can do so via the contact form listed on our website, or by joining our aforementioned Discord server.



Dora Remenyi (AKA Hysteria)


Gare (the Keeper)

PsychoDroid (the one with MPD)

Tormentor (who torments people just with his presence)

Dracolich (who thinks too much about himself)